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The LGBTQ Women’s Survey (AUDIO)

By Charlotte Robinson, December 20, 2021

This week I talked with Urvashi Vaid, President of The Vaid Group about the National LGBTQ+ Women’s Community Survey. This groundbreaking survey is a long overdue effort to learn & collect data from the experiences of women who partner with other women. Garnering over 5,000 respondents to date this unique effort is led by veteran queer, lesbian, bi, trans, non-binary, researchers & activists. The survey is designed to discover all we know & what we need to know about the life experience of LGBTQ women. Their goal is to reach 20,000 participants for the study by the end of March 2022. The survey will help understand the unique & amazing ways we form & support our families & how our community is surviving discrimination & harassment at work. The survey also addresses what forms of economic & social safety nets we create for ourselves given that the government, corporations & even non-profit employers largely do a poor job of this for black & brown LGBTQ+ women who love women. It also covers surviving the policing of our family members & ourselves as well as how racism, sexual violence & gender discrimination come together in our lives in ways that feel like gaslighting & can seem unimportant to our allies. This is an extremely important survey that will provide information our nation needs to understand so we can evolve & bring forward real life experience to inform policy change, service delivery & action to support LGBTQ+ women. I talked to Urvashi about her inspiration for creating the National LGBTQ+ Women’s Community Survey & give us her spin on our LGBTQ issues. LISTEN:


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