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US Schools & Libraries Ban LGBTQ Books

By Charlotte Robinson, December 10, 2021

Across America books by LGBTQ authors & Black authors are being protested & removed from schools & public libraries. Texas lawmakers have created a hit list of 850 targeted books which two-thirds are LGBTQ-related & 9 states have passed laws restricting teachers from including accurate information in schools related to race, sex, gender & LGBTQ people. The National Coalition Against Censorship that promotes freedom of thought & inquiry & opposes censorship stated, "The current attacks on books in schools are a coordinated political strategy that threaten America's students & disregard their right to read & learn. Not all library books will appeal to all students, but all students must be allowed to access books that inspire, inform & connect with them. No one person's or group's personal viewpoint can be allowed to determine what all students are permitted to read." Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD President & CEO concluded, “Every LGBTQ young person needs to see themselves in stories about their lives, to let them know they belong just as they are. Every American needs stories about LGBTQ people, Black people, queer people of color & all marginalized groups to better understand each other's experiences. Books nurture more compassionate human beings & a more successful society, where all are welcome to participate. School boards & libraries must follow established protocol to ensure access to books & to represent & serve LGBTQ youth. All leaders must speak up against hostile rhetoric & behavior targeting vulnerable young people & books about their lives & prioritize protecting them & safe spaces for all to learn.” 

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