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Out Leadership LGBTQ Virtual Summit

By Charlotte Robinson, March 21, 2022

Out Leadership will host its 2nd annual OutQUORUM: “Progress & Possibility" a 2-day virtual summit that takes place March 22nd to 24th via Zoom. At the cornerstone of this virtual free event CEOs & senior executives will meet to discuss the 2022 report addressing the state of LGBTQ diversity in the Boardroom, progress to date & the challenges ahead. OutQUORUM is the first & only initiative to address the staggering under-representation of LGBTQ diversity on Corporate Boards globally. Todd Sears, Founder & CEO, Out Leadership stated, “OutQUORUM makes a strong case - the only case - for LGBTQ+ board diversity. Economic empowerment for LGBTQ+ people means seeing a pathway for success at their place of employment. Our research has shown that visible LGBTQ+ people serving in top leadership positions, especially on the board, gives diverse talent across the spectrum the confidence to see a pathway to career success. Yet, only 19 Fortune 500 corporations explicitly include LGBTQ+ people in their definition of board diversity, resulting in only 29 of the 5,670 board seats that exist in the Fortune 500 being held by out LGBTQ+ board members. That’s less than 1%. LGBTQ+ representation in boardrooms across the country & around the world must move closer to the center. Decision makers must consider board diversity the norm, not the exception. Less than 1% is inexcusable.” There will be inspiring Keynote speakers & topic sessions including Investors & Regulators: Catalysts for Change, How States can Influence & Improve Board Diversity through Policy, Navigating the Legal Storm around AB979 & the NASDAQ Listing Rule plus Q&A discussions. For Info & Registration…

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