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"Proud To Say Gay" March In Florida

By Charlotte Robinson, March 06, 2022

On Monday Match 7th the Florida Senate will prepare to vote on the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill as faith leaders & Florida students are organizing rallies at the state Capitol in Tallahassee, FL urging lawmakers to stop the legislation from stigmatizing, isolating & censoring LGBTQ students & their families. Nadine Smith, Executive Director of Equality Florida stated, “Eight Republican lawmakers, including the head of one of the state’s largest child advocacy organizations, took the rare step of breaking ranks to oppose this legislation. They broke with their party because the bill sponsors were unwilling to make common sense amendments to address the potential harm this legislation would inflict on students. And they are not alone in sounding the alarm. Opposition has come from all corners including the largest parent organization in the state, child advocates, medical experts & education professionals & from students themselves. This is the last chance for cooler heads to prevail & for the Senate President & the Governor to stand with students, their families & their communities in rejecting anti-LGBTQ extremism at the heart of the Don’t Say Gay bill.” This is it. Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill has one final stop before it hits the governor’s desk & that’s the Senate floor. If it’s possible to stop this obscene bill this is our chance. You heard about school walkouts that saw thousands of students leave class & hundreds march to the Capitol building. Now they need to hear our LGBTQ community & allies in the halls of the Capitol. The Florida "Proud To Say Gay" March begin at 9A on Monday March 7th at Florida's State Capitol on 400 S Monroe Street in Tallahassee, FL. For More Info…

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