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"Love Is All You Need?" Virtual Event

By Charlotte Robinson, November 12, 2022

The nonprofit onePULSE Foundation that was established following the June 12th 2016 tragedy to honor & preserve the legacy of those killed & to create a sanctuary of hope will present a free virtual screening & panel discussion of the short film "Love Is All You Need?" on Wednesday November 16th from 7P to 8:30P EST. The concept of the film follows the life of an ordinary heterosexual girl who is bullied in a world where everyone is LGBTQ. This breakthrough controversial film written & directed by K. Rocco-Shields not only reverses the meaning of the terms but also addresses the social & cultural prejudices that emerge with hate & bullying. There will be a Q&A following the screening with panelists including the filmmaker K. Rocco-Shields, Heather Wilkie, MA, LMHC, Zebra Coalition, Felipe Sousa-Lazaballet, Hope CommUNITY Center & Leah Hornik, college student. The event is part of onePULSE’s Conversation Starters which is a component of a broader Conversation Series sponsored by JPMorgan Chase & Co., CITY Furniture, Orlando Utilities Commission & Northrop Grumman. When asked what her personal commitment is to LGBTQ civil rights Shields stated, “My personal commitment to LGBTQ civil rights is through the power of cinema; we can make a difference & impact the world. I give this lecture at different universities around the United States about how to use media for social change. In short basically we can track media, television, film, as a springboard to represent minority cultures & bring them to public awareness. I talked to Shields in 2014 about her short film & her spin on our LGBTQ issues in this exclusive audio interview. LISTEN  

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