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Maura Healey Shatters Lavender Ceiling

By Charlotte Robinson, November 09, 2022

Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey has won the Massachusetts gubernatorial race. Healey stated, “Tonight, I’m honored to be the first woman & the first openly gay person ever elected Governor of Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, we strive to be a place of equality & opportunity for all – a place where you can be who you are & be proud of it. And let me promise you, we’re going to stay that way no matter what happens in the rest of the country. The people of Massachusetts have given us an historic opportunity tonight & a mandate to act. So here’s my plan: we’ll ignore the noise & focus every day on making a difference in their lives. From the start, our job will be to make our state more affordable so that people can come here, stay here & grow their businesses here. We’ll cut taxes, fix our roads & bridges & invest in education & job training. We’ll take on the climate crisis & create clean energy jobs. As long as I am governor, women will always have the freedom to control their own bodies & they will always have access to safe, legal abortion. Tonight, I have a message to all the little girls & boys I’ve met along the way whose smiles & joy reminded me, affirmed for me, what this is about & what we can be. I hope tonight shows you that you can be whatever you want to be. That heart & hard work can take you wherever you want to go. I want you to know that tonight, we made history. In Massachusetts we lift people up. We come together & we lead. Together, we will build a stronger Massachusetts for everyone…Now, let’s get to work.”

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