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The Good Bad & Ugly Midterms (AUDIO)

By Charlotte Robinson, November 02, 2022

First of all you must vote if you haven’t already in this crucial midterm election. Just remember that in 2016 40% of eligible voters in the US did not vote especially young Americans didn’t exercise their right to vote with less than half of eligible voters under 30 voting. In the 2020 election the Ugly learned that their fraction of the population didn’t cut it to win the election legitimately so they succumbed to ridiculous denial conspiracy theories & then with January 6th & now the attack on Paul Pelosi brazen violence. So it’s up to you whether we continue to live in a democracy or let a small delusionary sector of the country blatantly strip away your rights. Now back to our LGBTQ community being targeted by extremist candidates & the anti-LGBTQ+ organizations supporting them with anti-LGBTQ & anti-trans messaging strategies by making their final pitch to voters & funneling tens of millions of dollars into political ads & mailings attacking transgender youth & spreading misinformation. This isn’t going to stop no matter how the midterms turn out. However the National LGBTQ Task Force has joined forces with Equality Florida & Equality Texas to fight anti-LGBTQ extremism ahead of midterm elections including a new animated ad campaign. The ads are in English markets & also target Latino audiences with Spanish subtitles. The campaign raises awareness around the increasingly aggressive attacks on our LGBTQ community & communities of color including legislation that bans hundreds of books & censors curriculum covering slavery or mentioning LGBTQ people. Recently I talked to Cathy Renna Communications Director for the National LGBTQ Task Force about what she hopes to accomplish with this campaign & her spin on our LGBTQ issues. LISTEN:

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