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“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Almost Gone

By Charlotte Robinson, July 23, 2011
Amy Winehouse Hacked To Death By The Tabloids...
Finally President Obama & our military service chiefs
certified the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" today.
In 60 days it will be done. This week Obama also
endorsed a bill to repeal DOMA (Defense of Marriage
Act) the discriminatory law that forces the federal
government to ignore the rights of those in gay
marriages, even those performed in states where
gay marriage is legal. The New York Times has said
it "ranks with the most overtly discriminatory laws
in the nation's history." Speaking of New York, Sunday
gay marriage will start in that state. This is becoming
a huge month for LGBT civil rights. Let’s keep the
momentum going. Updates to Come…:)
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Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin said...

The certification of the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ marks another historic milestone in our struggle for equal rights for all Americans. For the first time, lesbian and gay servicemembers will be accorded the rights and dignity they deserve. Our national security will no longer be diminished because of a discriminatory policy that wasted valuable resources and cost us the services of valuable personnel.

In this moment of celebration, I remember and honor the service of all the courageous lesbian and gay members of our armed forces who have been required to live a lie so that they can serve our country, or have been discharged because of who they are. These patriotic Americans deserve our thanks and our apologies. I look forward to the day, fast-approaching, when lesbian and gay servicemembers can serve our country openly and with pride.

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