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Gay Marriage Ally Brad Pitt Speaks OUT

By Charlotte Robinson, July 07, 2011
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie have been dedicated
marriage equality allies for years. When New York
recently passed gay marriage Pitt was among those
who celebrated this game-changer though he agrees
there’s still along way to go. Saying the recent decision
is “encouraging,” he added that everyone should be
able to marry “no matter what state they inhabit.”
Remember Pitt said he won't marry Angelina Jolie
until everyone can marry the person they love & also
donated $100,000 of his own money to fight Prop 8
in California. In the meantime, Brad & Angelina seem
perfectly content with their own unconventional family,
with or without a marriage license.
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Brad Pitt said...

It is encouraging that New York has joined the movement to grant equal marriage rights to its citizens. But it is each American’s Constitutional right to marry the person they love, no matter what state they inhabit. No state should decide who can marry and who cannot. Thanks to the tireless work of so many, someday soon this discrimination will end and every American will be able to enjoy their equal right to marriage.

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