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Gay TV Mogul Ryan Murphy

By Charlotte Robinson, April 12, 2013
Producer Ryan Murphy shares the dual covers of the May issue of OUT Magazine with the lovely Portia de Rossi. Murphy is also listed at number 3 on OUT’s 50 most powerful LGBT Americans in this issue. Over the past decade LGBT characters have become a staple on primetime television. Ryan Murphy shares his thoughts on gay-inclusive television, the atmosphere in Hollywood toward gay characters & a bit of his private life. Murphy stated, “I don’t go into a project thinking I’m a groundbreaker or a pioneer. But all my work has a gay voice & gay characters & always will. I do feel with Glee, since it skews so young, the gay characters do transmit a certain message: You are not alone. You don’t have to harm or hate yourself. I wish I’d had this show growing up. I think if I had, I would be a lot less fearful & a lot braver.” Murphy’s mission of being gay-inclusive in his work was not an easy one to accomplish adding, “When I first started working in the entertainment industry, it was out of the question to have an authentically gay character on television. Now it’s like, if you don’t have a gay character, something is wrong with your show.” Murphy is currently working to impact his viewers emotionally & part of that comes from raising his new son, Logan stating, “That’s where I think The New Normal comes from. I want to provoke people emotionally. Sometimes I feel a bit prudish. With Logan in the house now, I feel like I need to cover up every Mapplethorpe print.” Read Full Story…

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