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Reporting From Boston Lockdown

By Charlotte Robinson, April 20, 2013
Boston Resident & Emmy Winning Broadcast Journalist Charlotte Robinson talks about what it's like to be in the Boston lockdown: “It feels like you’re in a nightmare but you know you’re awake. I woke up & went online around 6:30A to see if anything happened overnight. I saw headlines about the bombing suspects developments & woke up my partner & turned on the TV News. I tuned into WCVB where I use to work to listen to reports from Randy Price who’s openly gay & very level headed in his reporting. I got updated that one of the suspects had been killed last night & another was at large in Watertown. Then we heard that we were in lockdown until further notice.  I was suppose to have a doctor’s appointment at the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital today at 10:30A. This is where the first suspect was taken to & died. The hospital called at 8A to cancel. I went on Facebook & posted “We're in lock down here in Boston ordered to stay inside while the bombing suspect is at large. It's very scary. More later....” I got dozens of well wishes from friends & family to stay safe & their thoughts are with us. From my brother Paul in London “It'll all be over soon hopefully. Glued to CNN here in London. Lots of shots of the Mall in Watertown.” That was hours ago & we’re still in lockdown. As a broadcast journalist it’s hard not to want to go to the crime scenes but then you realize you’re in the crime scene. Sometimes it’s very emotional. I can feel my eyes fill with tears. Other times I just feel angry that my hometown is having to deal with these bombing terrorists. It’s not pleasant being confined in a lockdown. Fortunately we have some food & supplies. All businesses were told not to open today. It’s a no fly zone & the only thing you hear are police helicopters & sirens. Now it’s seven hours later & you can hear neighbors talking to each other from their windows sharing their thoughts & emotions. Update: Lockdown Over, Suspect in Custody..... Now Let The Healing Begin....

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