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Funding For New Transgender Film

By Charlotte Robinson, May 30, 2013
Filmmaker Alexia Kosmider is producing a powerful new documentary "TransJourney" that will change peoples’ perceptions about gender, family & belonging. In her memoir, "I'm Looking Through You: Growing Up Haunted", transgender author Jenny Finney Boylan quotes her mother with a saying: "It is impossible to hate anyone whose story you know." This documentary intends to do just that. The plan is to Travel in Sandra's minivan from Rhode Island to Seattle, the film crew will capture Sandra's & Shannon’s first meeting & film Annabelle's & Shannon's lives. Tell a story--several stories to be exact. The film will show the world that people who identify as transgender are no different than anyone else. Their gender identity is only one aspect of who they are & does not define them. Transgender men & women share the same hopes & dreams as everyone else. But they can't make this film without our help. Now is your last chance to contribute to their campaign on Indiegogo. The TransJourney Indiegogo campaign ends tomorrow May 31st & they need your help. A $10 donation will help pays tolls, buy gas or food for the film crew while they make their cross-country journey. Once the film is completed they plan to hold premiere screenings of the documentary at film festivals. In addition, their goal is to screen "TransJourney" at colleges & universities throughout the U.S. & internationally. They’ll need help to cover costs associated with travel, marketing & film festival premieres.
To Donate & Info: indiegogo.com/transjourney
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