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Illinois Gay Marriage Dilemma

By Charlotte Robinson, May 31, 2013
Update: The Illinois General Assembly ended its current session without passing SB10, their marriage equality bill.
The Illinois General Assembly adjourned Thursday night without passing SB10 which with the Governor's signature would make Illinois the 13th state to enact equal marriage rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender people. The Illinois General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn its spring session Friday night & the marriage equality bill still has not been called for a vote in the state House where supporters are struggling to round up the 60 votes necessary to pass it. Andy Thayer, co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network stated, "It is outrageous that the LGBT community is being used as a political football by Illinois Democrats, that a vote on our rights is going down to the wire like this. Anyone who knows anything about Illinois politics knows that Speaker Mike Madigan (D) owns the House, with an overwhelming majority. He readily whips his caucus into passing giveaways to his wealthy donors while gutting pensions for Illinois workers, passing environmentally devastating fracking legislation & yet when it comes to equal rights legislation, he can't muster the political courage to get it done. If this bill fails Friday in the last day of the session, we will put its failure right at Mike Madigan's doorstep." Updates To Come…:)
Listen: Gay Icon Journalist Michael Musto Speaks OUT

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