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HBO Goes Gay Behind the Candelabra

By Charlotte Robinson, May 25, 2013
We’re looking forward to Steven Soderbergh’s HBO movie “Behind the Candelabra” starring Michael Douglas as gay icon Liberace & Matt Damon as Scott Thorson his poor choice in young men. The legendary Debbie Reynolds also appears as Liberace’s overbearing mother. Some journalists are saying this film comes off like a Jim Crow version of gay life & you just can’t get your mind around fear & secrecy that defined gay men back in the 1980’s. However we’re still looking forward to seeing these 2 straight men make the attempt of portraying this iconic gay couple even though Matt Damon who’s 42 plays Thorson from the age of 18 to 29, could be a bit of a stretch. We know from seeing Michael Douglas on the TV series “Will & Grace” he was almost seamless as a gay man so portraying Liberace has to be a treat. Let’s go into this with an open mind & either be entertained or horrified. After all the screenplay is based on a tell-all book of the same name by Scott Thorson who was Liberace’s live-in lover, chauffeur & houseboy. It was released a year after Liberace died in 1987 & was received as an act revenge penned in the wake of a bitter legal dispute. So watch it with a gain of salt but enjoy the glamorous glitz & glitter of a time when being gay was very much still in the closet. The 2 hour “Behind the Candelabra” airs Sunday at 9P on HBO.
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