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Defense Dept. Honors Gay Pride

By Charlotte Robinson, June 04, 2013
Since the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in 2011 the Department of Defense has designated June as LGBT Pride Month for the second year in a row. Allyson Robinson Army Veteran & OutServe-SLDN Executive Director stated, “It is appropriate & gratifying that Secretary Hagel & his leadership team would follow the historic precedent set last year by then-Secretary Leon Panetta by designating June as LGBT Pride Month for the Department of Defense. Acknowledging the accomplishments & contributions of lesbian, gay & bisexual service members sends an important message all the way down the chain of command: that our military is stronger & our nation safer, because it includes them.” While acknowledging transgender civilian DOD employees, the memorandum notably omits any mention of the contributions of transgender people in uniform. Robinson who is trans added, “Transgender people have served this nation with pride, honor & distinction & continue to do so in the hundreds, if not thousands. It’s past time to honor them for their service & sacrifice & past time to end the discredited & obsolete practice of forcing them to serve in silence & fear.” OutServe-SLDN members & supporters will be participating in more than twenty LGBT Pride events around the world this summer. Happy Pride!
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