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Trans Former Navy Seal (VIDEO)

By Charlotte Robinson, June 07, 2013
This story recently surfaced about former U.S. Navy SEAL Kristin Beck finally coming out as transgender after being deployed 13 times serving in places like as Bosnia, Afghanistan & Iraq for decades. Beck even earned a Bronze Star & a Purple Heart along the way. She wrote about the experience in a new book, "Warrior Princess: A U.S. Navy SEAL's Journey to Coming out Transgender." Beck who appeared on Anderson Cooper 360° stated, "No one ever met the real me. It is a constant, but as you suppress & as you bottle it up, it's not like on that surface. You would never notice it because I can push it so deep, but then it does kinda, like, it gnaws at you. So it's always there. I gave true brotherhood. I did my best, 150% all the time & I gave strength & honor & my full brotherhood to every military person I ever worked with. I want to have my life. I fought for 20 years for life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. I want some happiness. There's a lot of prejudice out there. There's been a lot of transgender people who are killed for prejudice, for hatred. When the book came out -- some amazing support & some amazing praises -- but also some pretty amazing bigotry & hatred”. Though she's felt trapped in the wrong body since grade school, Beck didn't come out until after she left the military in 2011.
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