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Kate Clinton At The Crown & Anchor

By Charlotte Robinson, June 23, 2013

We caught Kate Clinton’s new 2013 SIS-BOOM-BAH TOUR at the Crown & Anchor last night in Provincetown. Kate Clinton is our favorite faith-based, tax-paying, America-loving political humorist & family entertainer who still believes that humor gets us through peacetime, wartime & scoundrel time. With the US Supreme Court placing our entire LGBT community on pins & needles waiting to hear their gay marriage ruling this week, spending an hour with Kate who makes you laugh so hard that you can hardly see is definitely needed. Tony Kushner stated "Her new show is magnificent. . . " & The New York Times added, "Quick-witted, clear-spoken... She has developed a bizarrely logical, seemingly free-associating style of delivery & had this critic in tears from laughing so hard." Kate’s world-famous 2013 SIS-BOOM-BAH TOUR! runs all summer at the Crown in P-Town at 7P. Once again she’ll be shaking her pompoms, pumping up the crowd, leading the cheers & jeers. Kate explained to us the meaning of the new show’s title. She said that “Sis for the sisters & others. Boom for the boomers & babes. Bah to anyone who doesn’t have team spirit. Verbal stunts, tumbling in the aisles & laughing side-splits! Climb on the human pyramid of fun. Catch the spirit of SIS-BOOM-BAH!”
For Info & Tix: onlyatthecrown.com
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