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Gay Marriage Passes UK House

By Charlotte Robinson, July 15, 2013
UPDATE: Britain legalized gay marriage after Queen Elizabeth II gave her royal stamp of approval clearing the way for the first same-gender weddings next summer....:)
The U.K. House of Lords just approved via voice vote, the Marriage (Gay & Lesbian Couples) Bill. The bill will allow gay & lesbian marriages in England & Wales. The Church of England & Wales are prohibited from performing marriages by the bill. The legislation has already been passed by the Commons but will now return there for amendments introduced by the Lords will be considered. If they’re accepted, the bill will be sent to Queen Elizabeth II for her signature (Royal Ascent) before becoming law. It is expected to receive royal ascent within days. The first gay marriages are expected to take place in the spring of 2014. Since 2005 UK gay couples have been allowed to enter into civil partnerships a separate union which provides the same legal rights & protections of marriage except for the use of the word marriage. This was the compromise our UK LGBT community made in 2005 in order to provide the equal rights & protections that heterosexual Brits receive. Now if passed & signed by the Queen the word marriage will included the LGBT community. Hopefully becoming a grandmother for the first time The Queen will sign the Bill into law. Has Queen Elizabeth II ever uttered the word gay or lesbian in public? I can’t recall….Updates to Come…:)
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