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Tilda Swinton Gay Pride In Russia

By Charlotte Robinson, July 08, 2013

Fierce gay ally & Oscar winner Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton) made a bold & fabulous stance while traveling in Russia by posing in front of the Kremlin displaying a rainbow flag that has gone viral. Russia as you know has passed a 100-year ban on Gay Pride parades & is in the process of passing more anti gay legislation. Swinton's action comes at an extremely crucial time for Russia's LGBT community. Last month Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a so-called "gay propaganda" bill into law which imposes large fines on residents who "provide information" about the LGBT community to minors. Similar laws had already taken effect in St. Petersburg & other cities. Putin also signed a law on July 3rd banning gay & lesbian couples in foreign countries from adopting Russian children. So while we celebrate how our LGBT community is moving forward in America with the US Supreme Court knocking down DOMA & finding Prop 8 in California unconstitutional we must thank our gay & straight allies for their effort towards gaining our global LGBT equality. Other celebrities have fought this insane homophobia in Russia by speaking out in defense of Russia's LGBT including pop superstars Madonna & Lady Gaga. A 10 million dollar Russian lawsuit against Madonna was dropped after a court ruled the pop superstar didn't break St Petersburg's infamous 'gay gag' law last November.
Updates to Come…:)
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