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GLAD Answers LGBT Issues

By Charlotte Robinson, September 06, 2013
Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders have unveiled a new service “GLAD Answers” staffed by highly trained volunteers who provide legal information & referrals that can help resolve issues ranging from school bullying to employment discrimination. In addition to empowering those who make use of the service, GLAD Answers enables GLAD to identify new legal issues, patterns of discrimination & cases to litigate. The new service features a dedicated site with an enhanced live chat function & a direct email address at GLADAnswers@glad.org with an interpretation system enabling volunteers to provide information in multiple languages. Jayeson Watts, MSW, Direct Services Coordinator of Youth Pride, Inc., in Rhode Island stated, “GLAD Answers is my go-to resource whenever I have questions pertaining to the rights of LGBT youth & young adults. I call them directly for help & I also strongly encourage our youth to contact them if they have a question about their rights. The staff & volunteers are easy to talk to, knowledgeable & committed to helping LGBT people get the fair treatment they deserve. GLAD Answers is an invaluable resource.” GLAD Answers phone hours are 1:30-4:30P Monday-Friday & its phone number of 1-800-455-GLAD. Although GLAD Answers specializes in LGBT/HIV legal information for the six New England states, the service provides help to anyone who contacts it.
For More Info: gladanswers.org 
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