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LGBT Youth Rights Webinar

By Charlotte Robinson, September 13, 2013
There’s such an epidemic of LGBT teen bullying in this country. As you know LGBTQ teens are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers & we continue to have numerous teens taking their own lives after facing bullying incidents. Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) is having a free webinar on Sept 25th at 12:30P EST for parents & adults to address this & other LGBT teen issues. Lee Swislow, Executive Director of GLAD stated, “As a new school year begins, GLAD wants to ensure that students across New England are entering safe & affirming learning environments. That's why we created our new campaign, Back to School: Know Your Rights, to empower youth & educate parents & school administrators on the rights of LGBTQ students. In the coming days, we'll be sharing resources including state-specific fact sheets & a brand-new youth rights website. First up, we're inviting parents & other supportive adults to attend a free & informational webinar about students' legal rights on September 25th at 12:30P ET. Topics include; bullying, anti-discrimination, school clubs, dances, freedom of expression, the rights of transgender & gender nonconforming students & how to report & overcome problems at school. Please help us spread the word to the parents you know.”
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