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Banks Study LGBT Investors

By Charlotte Robinson, January 17, 2014

While our LGBT community strives for equality a new study conducted by the Spectrem Group out of Chicago has been released examining our community’s investing practices. Especially focusing on wealthy LGBT investors. They find that when it comes to investing & financial planning we’re more conservative & more satisfied with our financial planners & advisors than heterosexual investors. Many affluent LGBT investors also feel that their legal & advising needs are not well understood by mainstream society & we prefer LGBT professionals who understand our needs. Wealthy LGBT investors are also more worried about receiving help & advice than non-LGBT investors & more likely to seek it. George H. Walper, Jr., President of Spectrem Group stated, “At first glance, the profile of the affluent LGBT investor is similar to the wealthy non-LGBT investor. But there are key differences. Wealthy LGBT investors tend to have less diversified portfolios, while demonstrating higher social media use & a preference for conservative investing. Wealthy LGBT investors also have unique needs regarding their trust & estate planning. They want to work with professionals who are familiar with their financial challenges, whether those professionals are attorneys, financial planners, bankers or financial advisors.” Study respondents were affluent LGBT investors with $100,000 to $25 million in net worth, NIPR & were broken into three wealth segments: Mass Affluent, Millionaire & Ultra High Net Worth. Research was fielded in fall 2013 & sponsored by a number of financial firms including Lincoln Financial Group, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, RBC Wealth Management, U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management & Vanguard.
For More Info: spectrem.com
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