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“Katie” With Laverne Cox & More

By Charlotte Robinson, January 05, 2014

On Monday’s episode of the nationally syndicated daytime talk show "Katie," airing January 6th, Katie Couric will be chatting with two of the biggest transgender trailblazers in this country, actress Laverne Cox & model Carmen Carrera. Actress & activist Laverne Cox stars in the current hit Netflix series “Orange Is The New Black.” She talks passionately about the realities of trans people’s lives & the importance of sharing those stories instead on focusing on their bodies. Carmen speaks honestly about the fears she had during her transitioning, her modeling career & the petition for her to become the first transsexual Victoria Secret model. Laverne Cox is also a great friend of OUTTAKE VOICES talking about her film “Musical Chairs” & appearing on our Red Carpet coverage of the GLAAD Awards over the years. When we asked her what it was like doing the show Cox stated, "It was so exciting to meet & speak with Katie Couric. I have been a big fan of hers for a long time. It was also a huge honor to share that stage with my sister, Carmen Carrera, who in going after her dreams has provided so much visibility for trans women. After taping the interview I was very reflective on how often trans folks have been on daytime talk shows & how I had never seen the conversation Carmen & I had with Katie on daytime TV shows. I am not sure what will be edited out of the televised interview but it was a conversation Katie said she felt she learned something from which is very exciting. It was a great experience." This is fabulous visibility for our LGBT community, so be sure to tune in.
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