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Watch Hillary Take On Gay Rights

By Charlotte Robinson, January 12, 2014

It’s hard to believe that is was over 2 years ago when then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave her infamous United Nations ‘Gay Rights Are Human Rights & Human Rights Are Gay Rights’ speech. Since then we have seen DOMA & California’s Prop 8 found unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court & 18 states pass marriage equality counting Utah though that state is having a bit of a meltdown. The video that Hillary made for HRC is definitely a declaration of things to come if elected to the presidency in 2016. It’s an amazing when remembering when she ran in 2008 gay marriage was not even on her agenda. Everyone should take five minutes to watch this video no matter what you believe. It honest to the point & very encouraging especially if you live in the 32 US states that passed unconstitutional amendments against our LGBT community or countries like Russia, Uganda, India & Australia that have inflicted homophobic anti gay laws. Here's a video rundown: At 0:40, she talks about meeting a Tunisian man with an interesting question. At 1:04, Hillary talks about some people who don't share her opinion on gay rights & human rights. At 2:23, she exactly describes the people we are all fighting for. At 2:58, Hillary admits how her opinions have changed & evolved. At 3:32, Hillary drops some serious knowledge about the evolution of America. At 4:35, she asks that the gay rights debate be done in a certain way. At 5:02, she compares this fight to the gender equality fight. WATCH VIDEO:
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