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Florida Judge Rules For Gay Marriage

By Charlotte Robinson, August 04, 2014
In Florida’s Broward County Circuit Judge Dale Cohen struck down Florida’s marriage ban today affirming that the denial of marriage equality to gay & lesbian couples in Florida is unconstitutional. The judge's ruling applies to recognition of out-of-state gay & lesbian marriages as well as overturning Florida's ban on gay marriage in Broward County only. This marks the 3rd time in the past few weeks that a Republican-appointed judge in Florida has ruled on the side of marriage equality. Nadine Smith, CEO of Equality Florida stated, “Every win in court brings us closer than we’ve ever been to the freedom to marry in Florida. We look forward to the day when all loving, committed couples & their families enjoy the same protections, opportunities & responsibilities of marriage under the law. Every passing day inflicts real hardships on families who are denied the legal protection & dignity that marriage equality provides." Of course the judge issued an immediate stay on his ruling, meaning that gay & lesbian couples in Florida cannot marry just yet. Attorney General Pam Bondi has appealed the judges’ decision in the Miami-Dade & Monroe County cases & is expected to appeal this decision as well. Last week, Equality Florida delivered more than 7,000 petitions to Bondi’s office, calling on the attorney general to drop her appeals. Updates to Come…:)
For More Info: http: eqfl.org
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