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Boston Pride Week 2016 Theme

By Charlotte Robinson, February 25, 2016
Boston Pride announced that the theme for 2016 will be “Solidarity Through Pride.” Hundreds from the community participated in the vote that selected this year’s theme with many suggestions that touched on solidarity & the issues faced within the LGBT community. The theme encourages the LGBT community to see that there are multiple struggles in a wide range of communities but are all related and intertwined. This is the first year that Boston Pride has had the same theme as InterPride, the organization that ties together Pride organizations across the globe. Sylvain Bruni Boston Pride President stated, “Our theme for 2016, Solidarity Through Pride, recognizes the intersectionality of identities within our very diverse community & the call for solidarity & support among all parts of our community. The theme also reminds the community & beyond that they need to stay unified to gain equality for all, beyond marriage, to fight the epidemic of violence against trans women of color, eliminate trans & bi-phobia, racism, anti-Semitism & to ensure the protection of our youth.” Intersectionality is the overlapping of social identities & relates to the concept of how discrimination against one ultimately represents discrimination against all. Intersectionality will be the topic of discussion of an upcoming public Community Forum hosted by Boston Pride, Black Pride & Latin@Pride with a focus on the challenges faced by trans people of color in the community, on Tuesday March 22nd at 6:30P at the Blackstone Community Center in Boston. Pride Week 2016 will be held June 3rd-12th in Boston.
For More Info: bostonpride.org
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