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LGBT Valentine Anniversary

By Charlotte Robinson, February 14, 2016
My partner & I met 18 years ago on Valentine’s Day & for 16 years we celebrated that day as our anniversary. Then came the fight for marriage equality. After 12 years of gay & lesbian marriage we finally decided to marry on September 21st 2014. Now we’re dealing with the delightful dilemma of which day is our anniversary. When we met or when we married… We have come to the conclusion that all of our eventful days will be celebrated. Adding another day of celebration to both our birthdays as well as all the Hallmark holidays we can’t resist. Then there’s the challenge after 18 years of what to do on this day of celebration of our first meeting combined with Valentine’s Day. That’s easy this year. We’re going to see Rebecca Parris Boston's first lady of jazz returning for her annual concert on the most romantic day of the year Valentine's Day Sunday February 14th at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts at 3P. Then afterwards a romantic dinner at our favorite Cambridge bistro Temple Bar over a couple of smart cocktails. So even though we’re dealing with record cold below zero temperatures in New England there’s always a way to heat things up... even after 18 years…
For Info & Tix: regenttheatre.com
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