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Childhood With An LGBT Parent

By Charlotte Robinson, February 29, 2016
In a UK study in Psychology & Sexuality authors Victoria Clarke & Eleni Demetriou found that children of lesbian, gay or transgender parents accept diversity, have the advantage of parental openness, pride in facing prejudice & overall the family unit centers on love just like any other family. Clarke & Demetriou conducted a survey of 14 adults, 13 of whom were born to a heterosexual relationship in which one partner came out as gay, lesbian or transgender. Participants were invited to recount their stories of childhood & the present in relation to opening up about their families & the effect on their own adult relationships & sexuality. The results endorsed previous findings of positive influences in childhood tolerance, acceptance, honesty, respect & broad mindedness. Many downplayed the importance of parental sexuality in their upbringing & attached more importance to having a parent of each gender (regardless of sexuality), having a strong biological link to parents & in one case stressing the masculinity of his gay father. Clarke & Demetriou concluded, “Adult children of lesbian, gay & transgender parents clearly reject the notion that they have been ‘damaged’ by their LGT parents’ sexuality/gender identity & by being a member of a non-normative family. They present their families as ‘just like’ other families & downplay the significance of their parents’ sexuality/gender identity…participants located the source of any difficulties they & their parents had experienced in a heterosexist, homophobic & transphobic social context.”
For More Info: tandfonline.com
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