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By Charlotte Robinson, February 10, 2016
Marriage Equality USA (MEUSA) & Freedom for All Americans (FFAA) announced that FFAA will serve as the new coalition chair of NEAT, the National Equality Action Team. MEUSA the previous chair of the coalition will be closing as an organization this Spring & has transferred its network & resources to FFAA. NEAT is a grassroots field program that mobilizes supporters of LGBTQ equality & allows anyone, no matter where they live, to play a role in historic campaigns by providing opportunities to engage in direct action, including phone banks, canvassing & knocking on doors. NEAT was originally formed in 2012 to provide support to ballot campaigns on marriage. Its focus will now permanently shift to LGBTQ nondiscrimination campaigns, beginning with current legislative fights in the 2016 session. Brian Silva, executive director of Marriage Equality USA will continue to serve as director of the program for Freedom for All Americans stating, "As opponents to LGBTQ equality attempt to roll back protections in a post-marriage landscape, Freedom for All Americans is the perfect new home for NEAT's advocacy & work. No person should be fired from their job, denied services at a business, or kicked out of their home because of who they are or who they love. NEAT works closely with other organizations & volunteers to ensure that no matter where you live or what the status of nondiscrimination laws are in your state, you can get involved & be a part of advancing equality in America."
For More Info: theneat.org
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1 comment:

Marilyn Rosen said...

This sounds like the right the right move toward getting everyone possible to rally for equality across the board.

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