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Older Lesbians Address Deletion

By Charlotte Robinson, February 01, 2016
Boston OLOC (Old Lesbians Organizing For Change) will meet on Sunday February 7th from 2P to 4P to present “Erasing Lesbians: Deletion or Evolution”. This program will address Obliterating Lesbian Feminism, Erasing the “L” in LGBT: Stonewall vs Lesbian Liberation, Gay Marriage & the Assimilation of Lesbian Identity, Queering Lesbians: The Emergence of the Alphabet Generation & Erasing Butches. Guest speakers will include Lynne S. Brandon, Jyl Lynn Felman, Kathy McCloskey & Sarah Pearlman. Alice Fisher, Founding Member of OLOC-Boston stated, “I was wondering is evolution another way to look at erasure. If so, is the likely consequence of evolution erasure, or disappearance? When a socio-political group is deleted, I.e. How rarely we see the term lesbian, especially in our LGBT groups, I begin to feel invisible. This is a phenomenon often seen in aging as well, or race, or class.” Sarah Pearlman added, “Written out of most recorded history, lesbians may be facing a more current erasure. Ignored by mainstream heterosexual feminists, dominated by gay men in the gay civil rights movement, overshadowed by the transgender movement & with younger lesbians identifying as queer, lesbians are now clearly being eclipsed. But is it erasure or evolution?” OLOC Boston events are open to all lesbians, including transgender lesbians, who want to attend a group for old lesbians & to create a community of older lesbians. The event takes place at Brookline Senior Center, 93 Winchester Street in Brookline, MA. Following the event there will be an early dinner at Sichuan Garden, 295 Washington Street in Brookline Village, Brookline.
For More Info: spearlman@hartford.edu
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Marilyn Rosen said...

This is a real issue facing lesbians who were in large part the activists & warriors, confronting inequality when it wasn't acceptable or safe and who paved the way for a new and open life for LBGT today.

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