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George Takei Rallies For Muslims

By Charlotte Robinson, February 11, 2017
Fierce LGBT activist George Takei who I attended a fundraiser with last fall in happier times, will present over 280,000 Care2 petition signatures on Monday February 13th in support the Muslim community to leaders of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) at a ceremony at Los Angeles City Hall in the wake of Trump’s Executive Order banning immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Takei who was forced into a Japanese American internment camp when he was just five years old started the Care2 petition to allow signers to speak out against any of Trump’s policies that would target the Muslim community. Takei stated, “During that time, fear & racism drove government policy, creating a living hell for over 120,000 innocent Japanese Americans, most of whom were U.S. citizens. I have spent my life trying to ensure something like this never happens again. But dark clouds once more are gathering. National security must never again be permitted to justify wholesale denial of constitutional rights & protections. It starts with a registry, with restrictions, with irrationally ascribed guilt & with fear. But we know well where it might lead. If it is freedom & our way of life that we fight for, our first obligation is to ensure that our own government adheres to those principles. Without that, we are no better than our enemies.” The event will take place at Los Angeles City Hall, 3rd Floor Rotunda, 200 North Spring Street from 6:30P to 9P. Takei will be joined by actor Mike Farrell, Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti & leaders of the Muslim Public Affairs Council. The presentation will be followed by a reception with appetizers & refreshments.
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Marilyn Rosen said...

George knows first hand about how government policy can go so wrong....Grateful for his activist work and willingness to stand up and be counted.

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