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Next Massive Women’s Rally

By Charlotte Robinson, February 25, 2017
On International Women’s Day, Wednesday, March 8th Women Workers Rising are rising at a massive rally in Washington D.C. Women workers will come together & rise for dignity, equality & respect at & surrounding the US Department of Labor in DC. Organizers are calling all women & allies to come & be in solidarity with women workers for an end to workplace violence & harassment & to promote pay equity, one fair living wage, paid leave & labor rights at work. This rally will be on the day & in solidarity with women around the world rising for women’s rights, including the International Women’s Action & The Women’s March: A Day Without a Woman. The event will feature live testimony & rallying cries from a diversity of voices, performances, videos, a flash mob, poetry, music & much more. Through an artistic uprising, collective expression & creative resistance, women workers & artists will share personal powerful moving testimonies experienced on the job. They will come together to witness & listen to women workers who hold this country up but often remain invisible. The free event will take place at the Department of Labor 200 Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C. from 3:30P to 5:30P & will honor the sacred & valuable work of women around the world in all its forms by demanding safe violence-free workplaces
For More Info: womenworkersrising.org
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