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New LGBT Exhibition In Virginia

By Charlotte Robinson, February 15, 2017
In Virginia The Valentine Museum & OutRVA Richmond’s LGBT tourism campaign have launched a new exhibition “One Love: LGBT Families” that runs now through September 4th. The exhibit features contemporary photographic portraits of LGBT families from the Richmond Region by photographer Michael Simon. Meg Hughes, Curator of Archives at The Valentine stated, “The concept of family within the LGBT community has historically & out of necessity, been flexible. After coming out, many LGBT individuals are ostracized from their family and friends. However, everyone needs love & the LGBT community has been actively creating support networks for decades.” Katherine O’Donnell, Vice President of community relations at Richmond Region Tourism added, “One Love: LGBT Families provides us with a great way to showcase to visitors the wonderfully diverse community that we enjoy here in the Richmond Region. Through OutRVA, we’re spreading the message that the Richmond Region is a welcoming & diverse community. This exhibit helps us tell that part of the Richmond story in a beautiful, thought-provoking way.” Rodney Lofton, who was photographed at Comfort restaurant with his husband. Lofton & his husband are a gay, interracial couple concluded, “We are proud to be included among the varying images & definitions of family in this exhibit. One Love: LGBT Families highlights families that may be different from the days of Ozzie & Harriet, but share the same values & ultimate goal, love.”
For More Info: thevalentine.org
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1 comment:

Marilyn Rosen said...

This is wonderful....It makes me want to visit Richmond for the second time....the first time was not a very tolerant experience.

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