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Religious Freedom To Discriminate

By Charlotte Robinson, February 02, 2017
When Trump kept Obama’s executive order about nondiscrimination against our LGBT community within the federal government contracts we knew his appalling Religious Freedom Order was likely to surface sooner that later. Now a leaked copy of a draft executive order reveals plans by the Trump Administration to allow for widespread discrimination against LGBTQ people across the country & it’s no big surprise that it smells like the law Pence signed as governor of Indiana. This executive order will legalize sweeping discrimination against our LGBTQ community & could seriously undermine some of our most important progress we have made in the past decade. If the reported order is signed, it could mean: Employers without penalty may fire an LGBTQ person from their job because of religious freedom. Child welfare and adoption services without penalty may deny LGBTQ couples the ability to adopt children. Health care providers without penalty may deny LGBTQ people, including women, critical services that are important to their health needs. Schools without penalty may openly discriminate against LGBTQ teachers, faculty, and students. Government officials without penalty may deny LGBTQ people services – including county clerks who issue marriage licenses for couples. Businesses without penalty may deny LGBTQ people services, including pharmacies, restaurants, beauty salons, sporting events, etc. So it’s really about to happen. We would advice that you call your members of Congress & raise your concerns ASAP.
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Steven Tamasy said...

Not just against the LGBTQ community! This poorly-written horrible piece of filth would also allow discrimination against unmarried couples, women who have had abortions, etc. it is truly heinous. Sharia Law has come to the U.S. wrapped in an American flag and waving a cross sanctimoniously.

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