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Protect Transgender Students

By Charlotte Robinson, February 23, 2017
This unacceptable repeal of crucial transgender protections in our public schools by the Trump administration restricts the civil rights of an entire group of the most vulnerable Americans. In recent years our LGBTQ community have made great strides in increasing social justice & this intolerant & ignorant executive order attempts to diminish that progress. We must continue to make our voices heard to ensure schools remain safe spaces for all children, regardless of the gender they identify with. Jennifer L. Levi, Director of GLAD's Transgender Rights Project stated, “The withdrawal of Department of Education guidance is a devastating step back for transgender students, who today are receiving the message that the federal government will not vigorously defend their right to an education. This unfortunate reversal of protections reflects crass, unprincipled political pandering. The American people support fairness & equal treatment of all students & do not think vulnerable young people should be made pawns of a political drama being played out by the current administration. The sudden reversal by the Education & the Justice departments does nothing to change the fact that the law protects transgender students’ right to an equal education. But it does mean that state & local efforts must be redoubled to ensure full and equal inclusion of transgender students in school. This guidance has provided practical & important advice to schools about how to foster positive learning environments for transgender students which has been especially critical in local communities where schools & districts have not been able to develop such policies on their own.”
For More Info: glsen.org
Listen: Dr. Jessica Toste Talks GLSEN Protecting Our LGBTQ Youth
Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™


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