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Transgender Faith In England

By Charlotte Robinson, July 10, 2017
It’s been reported that the General Synod of the Church of England has officially passed a motion welcoming & affirming transgender people to the church. A top bishop also declared that being LGBT is "not a sin." The motion stated, "That this Synod, recognizing the need for transgender people to be welcomed & affirmed in their parish church, call on the House of Bishops to consider whether some nationally commended liturgical materials might be prepared to mark a person's gender transition." The official vote went overwhelmingly in favor of welcoming transgender people with 30 for the motion & two opposed in the House of Bishops; 127 who backed the motion & 28 against it in the House of Clergy; &127 for & 48 against in the House of Laity. Rev. Christopher Newlands of the Blackburn Diocesan Synod stated, "I hope that we can make a powerful statement to say that we believe that trans people are cherished & loved by God, who created them & is present through all the twists and turns of their lives." Also during the synod's weekend session the church body also backed a motion calling for a ban on "conversion therapy". One of the most senior officials Rev. John Sentamu, The Archbishop of York stated, "As the world listens to us, the world needs to hear us say that LGBT orientation & identity is not a crime." Let’s hope that here in America religious communities heed the advancements of the Church of England & stop the hate.
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Marilyn Rosen said...

What a terrific and uplifting report of Godly behavior from the Church of England.

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