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“Jewel's Catch One” Boston Event

By Charlotte Robinson, October 24, 2017
There will be a historical screening event of the fabulous documentary “Jewel's Catch One” on Thursday October 26th at Fenway Health at 1340 Boylston Street in Boston from 5:30P to 8P. The film is being presented by Flashback Sunday & the LGBT Elders of Color & followed by an Inter-Generational Panel. The film tells the story of Jewel Thais-Williams & her legendary “Jewel’s Catch One” nightclub often referred to as the Studio 54 of the West. It was a hub for cutting edge fashion & music for over 42 years in LA before it closed last year. When Jewel opened her club in 1972 to all races & sexual orientations the club became a target of racism & homophobia especially during the AIDS crisis. She even turned her parking lot into a soup kitchen during that time to make sure people could get care when so many were being ostracized. Jewel became a civil rights leader & then ultimately a healer who has now saved countless lives through her Village Healthcare Foundation. When I asked Jewel how she sees our LGBTQ community moving forward in a Trump administration she stated, “United & on all fronts I feel is the key to it as well as being supportive of other groups. I think that we saw during the Civil Rights Protests & Campaign embrace every aspect of the human conditions & so we had folks joining from various and slightly different groups to support that cause & I feel if we can get that kind of support around our LGBTQ issues & we’re finding hope with millennials….”
Listen to the full audio interview with Jewel & Filmmaker C. Fitz:
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