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Trump Attacking LGBT Americans

By Charlotte Robinson, October 16, 2017
After boasting “the times are changing back again” to the Values Voters Summit in Washington D.C. that was hosted by the anti-LGBT Family Research Council on Friday, Trump is set to address the anti-LGBT Heritage Foundation on Tuesday continuing his homophobic anti LGBT agenda. This is from the guy that reportedly joked that Vice President Pence wants to hang all gay people. Earlier this year the Heritage Foundation sent a notice to U.S. House members urging them vote for a legislative ban on transition-related health care for transgender people in the U.S. military. Sarah Kate Ellis, President & CEO of GLAAD stated, “Addressing a gathering of some of the most extreme anti-LGBTQ activists in the country, Trump once again legitimized hate speech & vowed, again & again to write discrimination into law by pushing laws focused on religious exemptions. The religious exemption laws that groups like the Family Research Council & the Trump administration fully support do not reflect real American values, they legalize discrimination by allowing hotels, ER doctors, business owners & even pediatricians to legally deny services to hardworking LGBTQ families.” In his new tax plan Trump is about to unleash a major push for ‘religious exceptions’ which is in direct contrast the majority of Americans who opposed these anti-LGBTQ laws, according to a recent study by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI). PRRI also found that 72% of Americans support laws that protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in employment, housing & public accommodations. This includes six out of ten (60%) Republicans & 81% of Democrats.
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