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USA Weapons of Mass Destruction

By Charlotte Robinson, October 03, 2017
Once again another horrific massacre has happened in America this time in Las Vegas with 59 innocent concertgoers murdered & over 500 injured by a deranged gunman who legally bought his weapons of mass destruction. It’s time for our government to accept the responsibility for this madness & ban assault weapons once & for all. The NRA wants us to be silent but we cannot be silent any longer. This is a time when we must demand our government leaders take action, pass new gun laws & end this American domestic terrorism. Nadine Smith Equality Florida’s Executive Director stated, “Orlando knows all too well the grief & pain the people of Las Vegas woke up to Monday morning & we stand in solidarity & grief with the victims, survivors & their loved ones. On June 12, 2016, we woke up to news that an active shooter entered the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, taking the lives of 49, injuring 53 & traumatizing thousands. The Pulse massacre was the most violent hate crime against LGBTQ people in American history & now, has been eclipsed as the largest mass shooting on American soil by a single gunman. Much like the victims at Pulse, the victims & survivors in Las Vegas were gathering to share community & celebrate life & much like the impact of Pulse, the shock & terror of this massacre will have an impact that reverberates around the world. Thoughts & prayers are not enough. It is past time to uproot violence in all its forms & to prevent those who seek to do harm from accessing weapons of war.”
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Marilyn Rosen said...

We went to war with Iraq because we "believed" they had an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, but we have government leaders who put their own political well-being above the protection of citizens and refuse to put restrictions on these weapons available in some states to anyone. No prayers, no sorrow can end this repeated devastation. If these weapons were not available or restricted, we'd have a fighting chance against those who wish to do massive harm against our own.

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