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Massachusetts Youth Pride Events

By Charlotte Robinson, May 14, 2018
Boston Pride & Boston Alliance of Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Youth (BAGLY) announced that the Massachusetts Youth Pride March & Festival will take place on Saturday May 19th at Boston City Hall Plaza. Massachusetts Youth Pride is celebrating 24 years of queer youth movement in Massachusetts. The festival begins at 11A followed by a parade at 12P. This celebration is the oldest youth-led, adult-supported LGBTQ Youth Pride celebration in the country. Youth Pride is a great opportunity for the younger members of Massachusetts’ LGBTQ community to gather together & celebrate pride & awareness. This year’s Massachusetts Youth Pride theme is “Young, Loud & Proud.” The theme was chosen in order to highlight both the historic & current roles of youth leadership within the LGBTQ+ communities. LGBTQ+ youth from across Massachusetts will rally alongside this theme as they continue to fight for equity, inclusion & safety in today’s tumultuous political & cultural landscape. BAGLY & Boston Pride are excited to be supporting the current generation of LGBTQ+ youth leaders. The 38th annual BAGLY Prom will take place immediately following the Youth Pride March & Festival from 4P to 7P at City Hall Plaza. First held in 1981 the BAGLY Prom is the world’s longest running LGBTQ+ youth prom & sets the national standard for the way LGBTQ+ youth come together, support one another & celebrate. Admission to the prom is free for youth who visit the BAGLY Clinic, located at 14 Beacon Street, 3rd Floor, in Boston, MA on or the week before Youth Pride.
For More Info: bagly.org
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Marilyn Rosen said...

I'm so proud of the Youth Movement in my state of Massachusetts. FABULOUS!

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