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LGBT Stonewall Riot Then & Now

By Charlotte Robinson, May 16, 2019
With the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion this June the Gay Liberation Network & Brave Space Alliance are cohosting a forum in Chicago on Friday May 17th to examine what today’s LGBTQ community can learn from the most pivotal event in our history & the movement that immediately followed it. “The Stonewall Rebellion: Lessons for Today” will take place at the Berger Park Cultural Center at 6205 N. Sheridan Road in Chicago from 7P to 9P. Speakers include LaSaia Wade, founder & Executive Director of Brave Space Alliance, Samer Owaida, a queer Palestinian activist & long-time LGBT activist Andy Thayer, co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network. Legendary performers & activists Scott Free & Jenny Urban will perform. While what we know of today as LGBTQ activism preceded the Stonewall Rebellion it was tiny & with little impact compared to what came after. The Gay Liberation Front organizations which sprouted up immediately after the Stonewall Rebellion eventually inspired millions to come out creating movements around the globe. By contrast today we face the threatened erosion of LGBTQ rights in many countries as far-right governments & movements increasingly take office scapegoating our LGBTQ community, immigrants & others to cement their power. In our world of rampantly growing economic inequality, climate catastrophe & unchecked U.S. militarism that’s breeding vicious bigotry against minorities, including LGBTQ community we need a radically different movement today & the Stonewall Rebellion & the movement that followed offer important insights on how this can be achieved.
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