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The Theater Offensive 30th Gala Event

By Charlotte Robinson, May 08, 2019
The Theater Offensive (TTO)’s annual fundraising gala “ClimACTS! Dynasty” takes place May 15th at Venu Nightclub at 100 Warrenton Street in Boston, MA from 6P to 11P. This is a special celebration acknowledging the organization’s 30 years as Boston’s leading LGBTQ theater group & revelers at ClimACTS! Dynasty will have an opportunity to toast TTO’s Founding Director Abe Rybeck who will step down from his current role in July. Rybeck stated, “Back in 1989, we were just doing what felt necessary presenting queer art that defied the status quo & society’s standards of what art should talk about. The origins of Theater Offensive were so urgent – rooted in a time where discrimination & bigotry led to the death of thousands of LGBTQ people from AIDS. Not to mention the violence, discrimination, homelessness (you name it) that LGBTQ people were facing. As queer & trans folks, we needed to come out & share our stories to liberate ourselves! The work is still so urgent today. So many important gains have benefitted the privileged in the LGBTQ community, but most LGBTQ poor folks, youth & people of color still face daunting challenges.” Harold Steward TTO’s Interim Executive Director concluded, “It’s no coincidence that this year’s theme was Dynasty. In the queer community, the concept of Dynasty comes from ball culture & speaks to Houses of queer people competing for their legacy & reputation. It’s also a nod to the ‘80s when TTO was founded, with a wink to the popular television show which will help inspire the fashion & feel for the night. We want this night to be iconic….just like Abe.” So don’t miss Boston’s hottest party where you can Sashay your way among Boston’s brightest & hottest LGBTQ scene with special performances by Ra'jah O'Hara of RuPaul's Drag Race & the OUT on the EDGE Award presentation to Brandon Wolf, Pulse Survivor & LGBTQ Activist. (Abe Rybeck photo by Joel Benjamin)
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