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LGBTQ Hit Play “Electricity” In NYC

By Charlotte Robinson, June 18, 2019
Celebrating the historic 50th Anniversary of Stonewall & World Pride in NYC the LGBTQ History project The Lavender Effect is presenting two benefit NYC performances of the award-winning LGBTQ hit play “Electricity” on Thursday June 27th & Saturday June 29th at 2P at The Revelation Gallery at 224 Waverly Place between 7th Avenue & W 11th Street in NYC. The play chronicles the journey of two gay men from Stonewall to today starring playwright & actor Terry Ray & Off-Broadway veteran Mel England. “Electricity” is directed by Steve Rosenbaum & has been touring across the nation to critical acclaim & audience response since it’s debut in Los Angeles. Terry Ray stated, “When I wrote “Electricity” I wanted to capture the journey that nearly all the LGBTQ+ community has taken--the journey of transitioning from thinking there is something wrong with you for being gay--to accepting yourself for who you truly are & demanding equality. I wanted to do that via a love story that begins in 1969--the year that Stonewall sparked our journey. Brad & Gary’s love story covers nearly all the 50 years since Stonewall. To be able to perform “Electricity” as part of the festivities of NYC Gay Pride, World Pride & especially Stonewall’s 50th Anniversary is a gift & the performances are benefiting The Lavender Effect which strives to preserve our gay history--it’s a perfect combination.” Tickets are for $40 premium seats in advance & $25 for general admission.
For Info & Tix…
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