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Point Foundation 2019 Scholarships

By Charlotte Robinson, June 19, 2019
Point Foundation the nation's largest scholarship-granting organization LGBTQ students has announced its 2019 scholarship recipients. The students receiving support from Point this year make up a group of passionate activists, ready & willing to fight for progress in the face of an increasing lack of support for LGBTQ people at the highest levels of government. Sixteen LGBTQ students were chosen to be Point Scholars from more than 2,100 applicants. Point is also welcoming 25 LGBTQ students to its Community College Scholarship Program. Jorge Valencia, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer of Point Foundation stated, “These LGBTQ students have demonstrated the potential to be the informed & visionary leaders our society needs right now. Their dedication to making the world around them a better place provides our community with the promise of a better future. Point is grateful to the incredible people & companies whose support relieves the crushing burden of financing education & presents our scholars with a new world of opportunity.” Point’s scholarship recipients are talented students with a proven track record of challenging unjust laws & policies, offering guidance to future generations & using artistry to combat long-lasting discrimination. In addition to their fearless leadership they have battled obstacles including immigration status, homelessness, family rejection & abuse. Each one of them has the dedication & resilience to inspire change across the country. Since 2002, Point has awarded more than 400 scholarships, making it the nation's largest scholarship-granting organization for LGBTQ students of merit. Point Foundation promotes change through scholarship funding, mentorship, leadership development & community service training.
For More Info:pointfoundation.org
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Marilyn Rosen said...

It's so important to support future leaders to help build confidence that they are entrusted in moving the community forward and the fight for equality for all is a major goal. Much gratitude to Point Foundation.

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