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New LGBTQ Kids Books (AUDIO)

By Charlotte Robinson, June 23, 2019
GLAAD the global LGBTQ media advocacy organization has announced the release of two new LGBTQ-inclusive children’s books: “Our Rainbow” & “Except When They Don’t” in partnership with Little Bee Books. Sarah Kate Ellis GLAAD President & CEO stated, “Children’s books are essential tools in encouraging awareness, kindness & acceptance at an early age. GLAAD is committed to advancing representation of LGBTQ lives & families & books like ‘Our Rainbow’ & ‘Except When They Don’t’ are shining examples of stories that families of all kinds can learn from & celebrate.” Illustrated by nine illustrators from the LGBTQ+ community “Our Rainbow” is a board book that teaches children about the meaning of each color of the pride flag. Told in simple, engaging text & paired with bright illustrations “Our Rainbow” aims to show children how simple acts of kindness can brighten up our world. “Except When They Don’t” is written by Laura Gehl & illustrated by Joshua Heinsz. This book challenges gender stereotypes by inviting children to examine what they're told "boy" & "girl" activities are. Instead of telling them what toys they're supposed to play with, what interests they should have & who they should be because of their gender, “Except When They Don’t” encourages children to play with whatever they want to & to be exactly who they are. We have had the privilege to work with GLAAD since the inception of OUTTAKE MEDIA™ in 2007. Listen to our recent chat with Zeke Stokes, GLAAD Chief Programs Officer who talks about GLAAD’s work & their Concert for “Love & Acceptance” in Nashville we attended on June 6th
For More Info: glaad.org
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