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Workplace Supports LGBTQ Equality

By Charlotte Robinson, June 04, 2019
According to a new survey Americans don’t care about who they work with when it comes to sexuality or gender identity. Now an overwhelming majority of Americans (83%) believe that LGBTQ equality will be achieved in the workplace. The top reasons cited included more diversity in the workforce, more workplace education about LGBTQ issues, younger professionals joining the workforce & more employees being out. Curtis Sparrer, principal at Bospar PR that conducted the survey stated, “These results show that more & more Americans are accepting their LGBTQ colleagues at work. It’s a further sign of progress that the people Americans named as the top communicators of LGBTQ equality include entertainers, straight allies, business leaders & politicians. That said, we have challenges to overcome, including harassment & the military ban on transgendered soldiers. When it comes to equality, I think baseball legend Yogi Berra said it best: ‘It ain't over till it's over.’” In the survey Ellen DeGeneres was named as America’s favorite communicator of LGBTQ equality in 2019 followed by the top 10 including Lady Gaga, Neil Patrick Harris, RuPaul, George Takei, Madonna, Ariana Grande, Pete Buttigieg, Cher & Tim Cook. Gabrielle Ayala, a principal of Propeller Insights that participated in the survey concluded, “Right now, several factors are contributing to what is a watershed moment in workplace social dynamics. The inclusion of high-profile LGBTQ personalities in mainstream media, especially those that transcend that label like an Ellen DeGeneres, goes a long way in breaking down those stigmas that lead to discrimination & prejudice.”
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