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LGBTQ Campus Pride Goes Fully Digital

By Charlotte Robinson, September 21, 2020

Campus Pride the leading national educational organization for LGBTQ & ally college students has announce that it has permanently taken its operations fully online to virtually meet the needs of LGBTQ college students across the country. The decision comes after the national nonprofit which is dedicated to building future LGBTQ leaders & creating safer college communities for LGBTQ people adapted its staffing model & all in-person programming during the summer & fall to an online format. Shane Windmeyer Campus Pride Executive Director stated, ““This year has changed all of us. We decided to listen & allow it to change us for the better. When faced with a challenge, you adapt & create new opportunities. Campus Pride, since it was founded, has always embraced the use of technology to mobilize communities & create safer spaces. This latest move to go completely digital is a throwback of sorts to the way we started out, with staff & volunteers working together remotely & without a physical space to call our own for several years. The decision is also consistent with our brand, which has always been able to adapt nimbly to meet the changing needs of LGBTQ young people.” Tom Elliott, Chair of the Board for Campus Pride concluded, “Today’s announcement is a preview into the many exciting developments that are to come for Campus Pride as we enter into our 20th year in 2021. We have started to imagine what things will look like post-pandemic & we believe there will be a growing need for connecting with LGBTQ college students virtually. Campus Pride remains steadfast in our mission to build future leaders & create safer communities & this decision to go digital is the best way to accomplish this.”                      For More Info: campuspride.org


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