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Mary L Trump Joins LPAC Virtual Event

By Charlotte Robinson, September 22, 2020

LPAC (Lesbian Political Action Committee) whose mission is to build the political power of LGBTQ women will be hosting a special virtual conversation with Mary L Trump on Thursday September 24th at 5P EST via Zoom led by LPAC Board Member Hilary Rosen. Stephanie Sandberg LPAC’s Executive Director stated, “Mary L Trump pulls no punches in her book “Too Much & Never Enough: How My Family Created The World's Most Dangerous Man”. You know she'll be equally candid when she joins LPAC this Thursday September 24th 5P EST for conversation (an LPAC fundraiser).” Mary L Trump concluded, “As you may know, I wrote a book about my uncle that was published this summer. In it I described the ways in which Donald is a danger not only to our country but also to the survival of democracy. With that in mind, I will do whatever I can to ensure not only that Donald is voted out of office, but that progressive candidates are elected to federal, state-wide & local office. Our recovery as a nation will depend on our having leaders who prioritize equality & justice. As a progressive & an out gay woman, I've chosen to partner with LPAC because I believe strongly in its mission to elect queer women who share those values & I'm committed to helping the organization have maximum impact from now until November 3rd & beyond.” The event is hosted by Nikki Barua & Monica Marquez, Diane DiCarlo & Jeanne Leszczynski, Diane Felicio & Jan Donley, Phillip Goldberg, Jennifer N. Pritzker, Colleen Sullivan, Shari Weiner & Joanna Hochman. Event Patrons Co-Chairs are Mary L Trump, Laura Ricketts & Brooke Skinner Ricketts with sponsors Ron Bailey & Bill Edwards, Sue Reamer & Christy Webber. For Info & Register… 

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