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Texas Introduces LGBTQ Protections Bill

By Charlotte Robinson, March 12, 2021

State Representative Jessica González & Senator José Menéndez have filed legislation that if passed during the 87th Legislative Session would ensure equal protections for our Texas LGBTQ community in employment, housing & public accommodations. House Bill 3860 & Senate Bill 1540 would add sexual orientation, gender identity & military veteran status to the state’s current nondiscrimination laws covering employment & housing. The Bills would also protect all Texans from discrimination in places of public accommodation based on race, color, disability, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or status as a military veteran. Rep. González stated, “Protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination in Texas is the right thing to do & it’s long overdue. As a native Texan, I know the Texas spirit is to help & support our fellow Texans. We are driven to make Texas live up to its promise of freedom & prosperity. Let’s make Texas history & make sure every single Texan is treated with dignity & respect. Let’s send a message to all LGBTQ Texans – especially our youth – that their home values & respects them.” Senator Menéndez concluded, "It is time to pass comprehensive nondiscrimination legislation that will protect us all. Now more than ever, we should be embracing equality & helping our neighbors. Protections for our LGBTQ+ community are long overdue. Every day Texans, the business community & nationally, we know that our society thrives when we accept one another for who they are. Texas is far behind the curve. Please join us in supporting this legislation."

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