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Wicked Queer Film Festival Goes Virtual

By Charlotte Robinson, March 21, 2021

Boston’s 37th annual Wicked Queer film festival will be once again recreated into a virtual event this year with 17 short film programs for the entire month of April. Then from April 8th to 18th they’ll be showcasing their fabulous feature film selections. All screenings will be available for your viewing pleasure on Xerb.tv. They will also be hosting their annual Splash Party this year on Gather Town on Sunday March 28th where you can get a sneak preview of trailers & chat with the Wicked Queer staff. In preparation they’re reaching out to let you know that they love bringing you this festival each year & that they are so thankful that you love having Wicked Queer here to bring these stories to reflect the voices & images of our LGBTQ community. They hope that because our community knows the importance keeping Wicked Queer Film Festival going, this year, next year & for many years to come & since this is an all volunteer organization that donating a little or a lot will help continue to tell our stories. Founded in 1984 by film programmer George Mansour, Wicked Queer is Boston's LGBTQ+ Film Festival is the 4th oldest running LGBTQ+ film festival in North America. So come be a part of Wicked Queer: Boston’s LGBTQ+ Film Fest & be part of our ongoing story. Tickets go on sale March 27th but you can view the selection now. To participate in this year’s festival you can register to watch individual films or a variety of packages & because this is a unique viewing experience tickets will be available to purchase up until 3 hours before the program end times. For More Info…

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